2018 Annual report

Welcome messages

From the President and CEO

Lt. Gen. Mike Gould '76, USAF (Ret.)

The Air Force Academy demands excellence in every aspect of cadet training. Excellence in All We Do, a hallmark of Academy training, is a core value that is constantly reinforced with every cadet until it becomes second nature.

The staff and board of directors of the United States Air Force Academy Endowment share that same commitment to excellence as we guide the philanthropic activities of the organization. We believe our cadets deserve the very best training possible. 

We are especially pleased that 2018 was the most successful fundraising year in the history of the organization, with graduates and friends contributing $27.9 million to Academy and cadet projects and programs. Since our founding in 2007, we have helped donors direct more than $168 million of support to the Academy.

The Air Force Academy continues to grow and expand cadet programs in academics, athletics, character and leadership development, and heritage-building projects that honor the Long Blue Line. The Endowment is committed to not only keeping pace with the Academy’s future, but also staying one step ahead so that we are always in a position to expand the excellence that defines this institution and the Air Force officers it produces.

Thank you for your support in 2018, and please join us on the journey to reach new heights in 2019 and beyond. 

From the Chairman of the Board

Jack Kucera '78

It’s an honor and a pleasure to serve beside our committed and passionate staff as well as a diverse and talented group of board directors who share a commitment to our Academy and to the men and women who are being shaped into future Air Force officers and leaders for our nation.

Since 2007, we’ve raised more than $168 million to support the Academy. We continue to work with the Association of Graduates, the Falcon Foundation, ARDI, Friends of the Library and our newest supporting foundation at the Academy, the Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation, to support all aspects of the cadet and graduate experiences. Our relationships with the Academy and the supporting foundations have matured, and the mutual trust has all of us working for the same common good.

As we prepare for the future, the Endowment is committed to raising $45 million in support of the new Air Force Center for Cyber Innovation, which will establish the Academy as a leader in cyber research and education. The Academy has identified a need for at least $40 million to complete the renovation of Falcon Stadium and enhance other athletic facilities, and the Endowment will carry the mantle on completing these projects. Additionally, the Academy has asked the Endowment to designate $50 million to help expand character and leadership development programs.

The Endowment team is committed to the Academy and the cadets who have been called to serve our nation. What you see in this 2018 annual report is a great start and just the beginning. We’re very grateful for your support in moving us to the next level!

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